Welcome to Kerena Nicole, LLC established in 2013. We specialize in Fashion, Fragrances, Art and Craft Supplies.

Fashion – The trendiest, chic, eclectic, distinctive, expressive and most of all quality creative clothing and accessories. 

Fragrances – That will calm your mind, body and soul. Aromatherapy for any occasion. You will get caught up in the moment of joy, love, laughter and most of all peace!

Art & Craft Supplies – To bring out your natural given talent(s). You will create bonding time with your family and friends. 
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Here you will find some or all items from the individual shops for a simple shopping experience.

Spring Reflections 
Women’s clothing and accessories. Dresses, jumpsuits, 2 piece suits, skirts, tops, sweaters, unisex headwrap turbans, jackets, fashion jewelry (some one of a kind), and handbags.

Bottles, Jars & Closures. All items are sold in sets of 25 only. Sets (25) cannot be separated, mixed or matched.

True Soul Vintage
Vintage Accessories for men and women from era 1900’s.

Agatha’s Gift Shop 
Aromatherapy oils, perfume body oils, incense, aromatherapy sprays and air freshener sprays.

211 Fashion 
Distinctive, Creative, Expressive t-shirts and earrings.

Quality Crafters Supply Merchandise. Candle & Soap fragrance oils, wood cut-outs, glitter, charms, patches, bottle sets and jar sets.

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Fast Shipping and Delivery.
All orders ship within 1-2 Business Days.

Contact us: KerenaNicoleLLC@gmail.com or 1- 917-202-2742 
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