Dragon Blood Incense Sticks Bundle
Dragon Blood Incense Sticks Bundle
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Dragon Blood Incense Sticks Bundle

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Incense Sticks | Dragon Blood | 30 Incense Sticks | Incense Bundle

Scent: Dragon Blood

Dragon's Blood incense can be a very potent incense to have as I have come to learn. Ruled by the fiery planet of mars associated with fire and war, dragon's blood can be a very beneficial incense to burn for protection from all types of low and non productive energy.

Dragon's blood scent reminds me of camphor which has this very sterile almost medicinal scent to it. Typically used for cleansing rituals. It is said that dragon's blood helps enhance vibrations.

Usage: Uplifting, mood enhancer, cleansing

Burn time: 45 - 60 minutes (per incense stick)

Length: 11''

Quantity: 30 Incense Sticks

Hand-dipped, handmade incense sticks.


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